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Lennox CMHC, Inc. is a provider of exceptional mental health treatment and care .

Lennox CMHC, Inc. is a provider of exceptional mental health treatment and care. As part of our dedication to the well being of our clients, we have affordable self-pay rates and also accept most insurance plans that cover mental health services.

We are an in-network provider for several insurance companies and accept most PPOs. We’ll verify your insurance at no cost, and we’re happy to discuss your payment needs with you.


To promote the health, recovery, and well-being of those affected by mental illnesses through prevention, coordinated treatment, and supportive services. While offering a unique wellnes experince for individuals, by providing the best outpatient services that inspires, empowers and teaches people how to live a better quality of life.

Services We Provide

Partial hospitalization program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Program

Group Therapy Sessions

Who's Eligible:

18 and over with a mental health diagnosis with accompanying characteristics such as:


Frequently asked Questions

Outpatient services typically lasts 8 to 12 weeks depending on what's clinically appropriate
for the client as well as the insurance policy coverage. We also offer ongoing outpatient maintenance programs.

Cognitive therapy is one of the main tools for changing people's negative thinking and developing healthy coping skills. The effectiveness of cognitive therapy in relapse prevention has been confirmed in numerous studies.

A client can self refer as well as obtain a referral from a primary care doctor, inpatient services, behavioral health care provider or your health plan.

The Time to Start Your Journey is Today

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