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Group therapy Sessions

A person may frequently feel alone and lonely as a result of problems like addiction and mental health conditions. As a result, people who struggle with these kinds of problems frequently isolate themselves from others and don’t establish connections. People in these circumstances can benefit from group therapy because it gives them the coping mechanisms they need while creating a network of supportive relationships.

Many patients are shocked to learn how much their level of self-awareness increases when they are in a group. You can perceive your own life quite differently by paying attention to those who have comparable worries. One of the numerous advantages of this therapy is that it may help people improve their socializing and communication abilities.

At Lennox CMHC Inc., group therapy sessions are led by qualified and certified mental health specialists and addiction counselors who use psychoeducational, skill-building, and process group models to guide the conversation. To assist clients in achieving their objectives, long-term rehabilitation, and general mental and emotional well-being, our team of committed clinicians is skilled in a variety of therapy techniques.

We can assist, call us at (818)  839 4380 right away to get started.

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