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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our team of therapists, care coordinators, peer specialists, and medical staff partner with the individual, and their families, to provide intensive therapy, resource finding, and medical support to achieve wellness.

Have you been trying to find a method to quit drinking and doing drugs without having to completely leave your life? Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, often known as IOP, is a main treatment program that is frequently clinically advised for people with co-occurring disorders and drug or alcohol addiction who do not need detox or have already successfully completed a detox program.

Our IOP enables people with mental health and addiction issues to get the therapies necessary for long-term rehabilitation on a part-time, intense schedule. Our IOP’s versatility is one of its primary advantages. IOP schedule is adaptable and designed to best accommodate a client’s demands in their work, education, family, and other areas of their lives. With such flexibility, you may continue to fulfill your obligations to your family, and your employment while also taking the steps required to help you become clean and maintain your sobriety.

At Lennox CMHC Inc., you may enjoy all the advantages of a residential stay while residing in a place that most closely matches your preferences.

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