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Relapse Prevention

After treatment, you could find that re-entering regular life is difficult. Your risks of relapsing are significant if you don’t have the proper support structure to assist you to manage these difficulties. Lennox CMHC Inc.’s relapse prevention program is intended to support long-term addiction rehabilitation while assisting you in achieving your objectives.

Relapse prevention identifies triggers and high-risk scenarios that might result in relapse while in rehab or thereafter and combines evidence-based therapy with holistic care. Through each phase of your recovery, a preventive plan is implemented, starting with detox.

The main goal of the program to avoid relapse is to provide you with unwavering support so you can control your cravings and triggers in any circumstance. We assist you in enlisting the aid of your therapist, peers, family, friends, alumni, and other people who are also on the road to recovery. In the process of quitting an addiction, you never have to feel alone.

Many of our customers’ long-term rehabilitation depends on relapse prevention. We provide instruction in powerful coping mechanisms that help protect against high-relapse circumstances, such as:

  • being exposed to booze or drugs
  • cravings for drugs
  • experiencing mental health issues
  • high-stress circumstances
  • relatives or acquaintances pressuring you to start using again

We can assist our clients in managing these temptations and providing them with the tools to prevent relapse through relapse prevention.

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