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Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a level of care that provides clients with access to a safe, structured treatment environment without total disruption of their daily routines. Our PHP allows your loved one to either live at residential facilities during treatment, or stay home and commute to treatment every day. It’s a full-time mental health counseling program that requires dedication and commitment to improving one’s health and wellness.

We use a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary approach that enables patients to enjoy the complete spectrum of professional care. Clients who take part in our PHP may access evidence-based groups and recovery programs, as well as experiential groups like music therapy, art therapy, or yoga.

In our program, individuals receive better stress management training as an alternative to abusing alcohol and drugs to cope or as a form of self-medication. We help our clients to develop the skills necessary for long-term recovery, stability, and success in a less restrained therapy setting.

The length of PHP programs is, on average 5–6 hours per day, 3–5 days per week.

The following are a few PHP therapies: Intensive Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Support for Wellness & Coaching for Recovery.

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